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My husband died three years ago. Quite simply Joel was my lifeline. I can't imagine how I would have coped without him. He was such a good listener. I cried so many times in his office. He helped me come to terms with my loss and when we had some laughter in the session I knew I was turning the corner. He's terrific.

— F.C.

My husband and I have had problems for many years. I used to think if it wasn't for the kids I would have already left. We argued much of the time  and became more and more distant from each other. I spent months trying to convince my husband to go to couples therapy. We went to our first couples therapist a few times. I thought she was fine but because she was female he felt ganged up on. So we stopped going.

I spoke with Joel over the phone summarizing our problems and my husband's reluctance to go to couples therapy yet again. He suggested I ask my husband to try two sessions. My husband complained again and again but agreed to meet with Joel. I was shocked; my husband liked him because he felt we found someone who understands guys.

I felt ignored by my husband and he felt belittled. It was great to have a time each week to focus on slowly turning our marriage around. Our lives are so busy we ended up neglecting our relationship for years. Joel suggested when we started to get into an argument at home to save it for the next therapy session. This was great because it helped us lower the temperature and behave better towards each other. I would definitely recommend seeing Joel. I have already recommended him to friends.

— J.M.

I have had anxiety my entire life. After years of putting up with it I finally told my doctor. He referred me to Joel. I waited a month then finally called. I was glad I did; Joel was easy to talk to. After a few sessions  I began to realize how critical and mean I was toward myself. This was causing my anxiety and depression.  Growing up my parents criticized me relentlessly and said it was for my own good. I actually believed this even though I always felt bad after they pointed out my faults. By meeting with Joel I learned how I kept this criticism going in my head. I learned how my thoughts created my mood. This was new to me. So I understood why I was anxious and depressed. The next part and the hard step was changing my thoughts and behaviors. Joel taught me techniques to interrupt and change my thoughts and feelings. I have been working on this for a year and a half and feel much better. There are days that I am almost anxiety free. Thank you Joel!

— R.B.

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